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Ecuadorian city ranks first in international competition

The Amazonian city of Tena, in Ecuador, recently reached the first place worldwide with the highest number of observations of species in the international contest called “City Nature Challenge”, reported Wednesday the National Institute of Biodiversity (Inabio).

“Tena mobilized more than 1,800 people who achieved 37,965 records that correspond to more than 2,650 species,” Inabio said in a statement sent to Efe.

Also, Tena reached the first place worldwide in its three categories: number of observations, number of species and number of observers and was established as the first Amazon city to reach the first position of all cities with tropical climate.

The “City Nature Challenge”, promoted by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the California Academy of Sciences, took place between April 26 and 29 and involved researchers, naturalists and citizens from 160 cities around the world. world, with the desire to know which cities can “reach the greatest number of observations of animals, plants, fungi and other microorganisms.”

This initiative seeks to involve people to document the wildlife of their neighborhoods, parks and other areas of the city, in order to know, learn and protect urban biodiversity.

The Amazon city ran as “Urban Tena 2019 Challenge” and managed to be among the five cities with the most observations, surpassing metropolises such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong, New York, Bogota, Madrid, Tokyo, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, while at the regional level it was only surpassed by the capital of Bolivia, La Paz.

The “iNaturalist” platform was the one that allowed recording and organizing observations through photographs and audios, generating a file of images and enabling the interaction of scientists and naturalists from around the world.

Ecuador is always on the list of most biodiverse countries on the planet, with records of more than 600 species of amphibians, around 500 reptiles and 1,600 birds, according to scientists.

Source: Teleamazonas

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